Friday, September 30, 2016

Will We Lose Buses From Kingswood Drive?

Grand River Transit (GRT) have released their proposals for bus route changes, which would adapt the transit system to the new ION LRT line.  Both their proposed 2018 and 2021 route maps take buses off Kingswood Drive and place them only on arterial roads nearby (Strasburg, Ottawa, Block Line, Homer Watson).

GRT held public consultation events, one of which I attended last night.  They say that most residents would live within the target 450 meter distance to a bus stop, even after the bus is removed from Kingswood.  You can see the maps at these two links:

Their consultation page is at  You can provide comments through a link on that page.

If there is opposition to a significant extent, we may decide to act as a group to contact the GRT and Regional Council, through the Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association.  Let us know if you are interested, through the email addresses on the right hand side of this page.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bylaw Permitting Backyard Chickens in Kitchener - More Likely Now

I went to a City of Kitchener proposed chicken bylaw meeting this evening.  The Bylaw Enforcement office has been collecting citizen feedback in a number of ways and doing research on the keeping of chickens.  They will be going to a City Council committee in November recommending that the bylaw be changed to permit backyard chickens, with a detailed set of regulations.  This is based on a strong pro-chicken response to the City's appeals for feedback over the past few months.

If you still want to oppose the keeping of chickens, please contact your City Councillor, as Council will be making the final decision, and they do not have to accept the Bylaw office recommendations.

The committee meeting is November 7th.  If the committee agrees with the recommendations, the full council will vote on the bylaw within a couple of weeks after that, and if passed, the law would be enacted likely in early 2017.

Here are some of the proposed rules and restrictions (subject to final development):
- Maximum of 4 chickens; no roosters
- No selling of eggs
- No slaughtering of chickens.
- A permit will have to be obtained to keep chickens.  A one-time fee would be charged.  Before the birds are acquired, a bylaw officer will inspect the coop and yard to ensure that regulations are adhered to.
- There would be no more inspections after this.  A bylaw officer would return only on the basis of a neighbor complaint.
- Birds have to be confined to the owner's yard and cannot run free.
- A renter can have birds only if the owner approves.
- Birds have to be kept in a private yard, so apartment dwellers cannot have chickens.
- Setbacks - 1.2 meters from rear and side lot line; 15 meters from a school; 3 meters from windows, doors and neighbour dwellings.
- All other bylaws apply - e.g. noise, animal regulations, lot maintenance, property standards, etc.
- A high standard of cleanliness must be maintained.  A number of detailed regulations on cleaning and disinfecting of the yard, the chicken coop, and the feeding/watering setup, will define this standard.
- Chicken feces are to be cleaned daily and stored in a secure container before disposal.
- Chicken food must stored in a secure container to prevent vermin access.  The birds' water supply must be kept away from vermin too.
- A chicken coop has to be built/acquired, and adhere to standards e.g. size, nest boxes for each bird, sufficient perching space, winter heating, and be designed to promote the health of the chickens, etc.

Graham Jeffery

Friday, September 23, 2016

Zoning Change Requested for Proposed New A&W In Our Area

There is a proposal to build an A&W restaurant in our area. The property is at the corner of Strasburg and Ottawa where the former Petro-Canada station was (partly demolished now). Residents within 120 meters of this property will be getting a notice letter of the proposal, which requires a zoning change from C-7 (service station) to C-8 (commercial). Any questions or objections to the zoning change have to be received by the City before October 21st.

I have the .pdf document describing the proposed project. If you want me to email it to you, email me at