Monday, January 30, 2017

Special Information Meeting on Roundabout Construction

The Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association (ACNA) and the Country Hills Recreation Association (CHRA) are hosting a special information meeting on the construction of roundabouts on Ottawa Street this year.

It will be held at the County Hills Community Center, 100 Rittenhouse Road, at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, February 7th.

This is in advance of a larger public information event that is planned for March, before construction starts.

We will have a guest from the Region of Waterloo's Transportation and Environmental Services department who will provide information on the construction of the roundabouts at the Ottawa/Alpine and Ottawa/Homer Watson intersections, and what the community can expect as the work proceeds.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Proposed Drive-in Restaurant at Ottawa and Strasburg - Petition Against It

One of our neighbours has set up a petition against permitting an A&W restaurant at the corner of Ottawa and Strasburg, where the old Petro-Canada used to be.  He, Mel Shaughnessy, write in a Facebook posting...

"Please take a min to sign this petition. There are 4 homes that will be drastically affected by a drive-thru on this corner, but it affects us all in one way or another. Thanks guys. Mel"

The page for the petition is...

The Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association has no official position on this issue, but it is important to communicate the concerns of some of our fellow residents in the area.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Changes at the Ottawa and Mill street intersection

An ACNA member requested that I post this...

FYI: The intersection of Ottawa Street and Mill Street has been changed.  This is due to the LRT passing through at that point.  Part of Mill Street has been removed so you cannot travel along Mill Street and go straight across Ottawa any longer.

Someone by the name of Mark McKay wrote on their Facebook page about this...

"This is Kitchener's Ottawa Street and Mill Street intersection. The red sections (photo below) have been eliminated.

"Drivers can no longer turn onto Mill from Courtland and drive right through towards Stirling or turn left at Ottawa.

"FYI. Going forward there will be no northbound left turn from Mill to Ottawa and no right turns when the train is passing.

"Drivers who want to go left on Mill will have to turn back at Courtland and Ottawa.

"Looks like a lot of thought went into this. Sarcasm. FYI Picture snipped from google map."

(Click on image to expand)