Thursday, March 30, 2017

Revised Start Date for Roundabout Construction

The construction of the Ottawa Street roundabouts will start April 10th, changed from the April 3rd date previously planned.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Roundabout Construction on Ottawa Street to Start April 10th [revised from April 3rd]

Traffic will not be diverted until early to mid-May.

My summary of the construction process (from February) is at:

The Region's notice letter to nearby properties is here:

The maps and diagrams from the Region's February presentation to ACNA and CHRA are here:

Friday, March 10, 2017

Summary of the ACNA Meeting held on March 7th

For some of these, more details to come as we get closer to the event...

The ACNA Community Cleanup Day will be Saturday April 22nd.  Planning is just starting but in the past start/finish times have been 9:00 AM & 11:30 AM and the day after (Sunday) would be the rain date.  Graham Jeffery will organize the event.

Family Fun Day - This CHRA & ACNA event takes place Sunday April 30th from 2 PM to 4 PM.  Focused on children.  Animals, Games, Candy Guess and a Prize for Each Child.  Free.  20th annual event.  Donations of food for the Food Bank and personal hygiene items for Outreach will be accepted.  ACNA volunteers will participate.

Neighbours Day will be June 10th.  Neighbours Day is a city-wide set of fun events, many of which take place at Community Centers.  People are encouraged to have their own events in the own neighbourhoods.  The Country Hills Community Center event planning will start soon.

The ACNA Garage Sale promotion date will be June 10th, with the rain date as June 17th.  ACNA will promote this event through an online map and a Kijiji ad.

Potential ACNA 10th Anniversary Event.  We have not definitely decided to do this.  At a past meeting we discussed having a picnic in Alpine Park.  City of Kitchener grants might be available to help finance any event or placemaking initiative.  The idea of creating something to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary came up as well.

Cinema Under the Stars - This annual outdoor movie night will be held late in August, with the exact date to be determined.  ACNA will again be involved in planning and carrying out this event.

Recently, a meeting was held to discuss how the use the $21,000 grant that Ward 6 won at the 2015 Festival of Neighbourhoods finale.  The process of deciding and implementing the project was outlined, and ideas for possible projects were generated.  The next step is to get more ideas from the public.

City Councillor Paul Singh attended this meeting.
- Paul will be going door-to-door in Ward 6 during May & June to talk to residents and drop off his regular survey.
- He will continue to look into the idea of establishing a new community garden in the area, but will need a core group of gardener volunteers to help make it happen.  He asks us to mention this opportunity to anyone who might be interested.
- He mention the City's recently approved Neighbourhood Strategy which is designed to help people initiate more events and to improve their own neighbourhoods.  The strategy is designed to improve funding  and make it easier (less red tape) to make things happen in the neighbourhoods.
- As the Region of Waterloo has made funds available, work is expected to start to remediate the great field at McLennan Park, which has suffered from methane seepage.  The field will be capped with clay to control the methane release, and the area will be re-grassed.  The City will also add shade structures near the splash pad and playground.  Other ideas are a possible walking track, and moving the gazebo.
- Development of the empty lot at Ottawa and Elmsdale is expected to proceed now that the site has been prepared and any polluted soil has been removed.  The developer that owns the lot at Strasburg and Block Line has again promised to proceed with construction this year, but promises like that were made in previous years.

Kirstan Howells, our City district facilitator, encourages young people, 13 to 24 years old, to participate in the 2017 Young@rt event, creating artworks which will be shown in May at The Museum.  Planning is underway, with more details to be released, but there will be a keynote speaker.

Other Items Discussed
- A&W proposal for the corner of Strasburg & Ottawa - Last week, City Council turned down an application for a zone change to this property, preventing the construction of an A&W restaurant with drive-thru.  The developer who wishes to build the restaurant is expected to appeal the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board, a process which can take several months to over a year before a decision is made.

- Roundabout construction on Ottawa Street is to start at the beginning of April.  Paul Singh will consider asking the Region for another public information session to educate residents about this roundabout construction process.  An earlier session, hosted by ACNA in February, was sparsely attended, although a number of people read the project summary posted on the ACNA blog site.

The next scheduled meeting date is 7:00 PM, Tuesday, April 4th at Alpine Public School.